14th on line to pay the toll, 
JD’s ranting—“Good Morning -- Chicago” 
Stuck in traffic still beats my desk 
I’ve got time to catch my breath – 
and call-up my lovely Emelie 

More than cellphones connect Em’ and me; 
We’ve had some static, but it’s still sweet: 
No tinsel chorus, no love publicity. 

This Rare Thing 
–that floats us over sorrows deep within-- 
This Rare Thing 
--as giving as the winds beneath extended wing: 
Withholding for the time what life may bring: 
This Rare Thing 

“How you doin’ Hon’ – it’s just me 
– all backed up on 83 
That extra 10 we took was great -- 
But I hit the rush – so I’m running late – 
I’m goin' work through lunch 
Yeh, I’ll be home on time….. 

I can see there’s no one watchin’ over me: 
‘cause I value what is real, 
And what’s special, connecting Em’ and me.