Didn’t need directions to turn you on. 
And I think I figured out where we went wrong. 
I learned far too much about 
Things we couldn’t do – And I know I failed 
To get close to you— never really got 
Close to You. 
So alone I come to A Requiem For Love 
That is gone. 
I knew I could always be --Things that were real 
I just couldn’t seem to touch -- Things that you feel 
I never meant to drag you down, or make you feel low. 
But in the end that’s the way our thing did go-- 
You cried out from beyond your opaque door..... 
Left my feelings revolving around you 
Never knowing exactly what to do. 
So I just loved you; Yes I did love you. 
But that's not what you need. 
So alone I come to 
A Requiem for Love 
I say goodbye with a 
Requiem for Love 
And I move on