Love with you, 
Came so simply once I tumbled thru my walls. 
Hold me now, 
Lost in this kiss were sharing, 
This is who I am 

Damn the cost; 
We've won whats lost when feelings fail 
Love with you
Shone so brightly after all that Id been thru 
Hold me now, 
Skin on skin warms with a trust that words will only fray 
We paid the price, and for a time were in a play 

And we came to this: the flame and ice of goodbye 
A time of letting go, a time of sadness too.

Love with you, 
Once found me hopeful as wed rendezvous again. 
No more now; 
Weve shared the sweet obsessive wound where all love ends. 

Love With You.
Glad I got through.