I told my heart beware. 
You’ve got to face the hatred there; 
These are not just angry words she keeps saying. 
Admit her love is gone. 
Can’t you see we must move on— 
Wake up! Welcome to love's unhappy ending: 
And now it all begins: 

Going Through the Emotions 
Once love turns dark you’re just 
Inside of feelings you don’t trust 
But there between the lines 
Understanding’s out of mind 

No choice, I had to leave-- 
Trust paid with treachery 
As all of my hopes became sadness. 
It’s not about who’s right or wrong 
Once you see that love has gone-- 
Get Out! It’s time to make up for the lost years-- 
And learn to grow again 

Going Through the Emotions 
Like a river moving on 
Life’s spark (one day) is quickly gone 
And this tiny speck we sow 
Is really nothing ‘til it grows 
Goin’ ……Goin’ ……