Boarding the jet for Shannon, Ireland; Leaving behind the USA 
I count my fortune that I came to dwell 
In a land whose values have delayed, the arrival of: 
Life in the fast lane 

Three winters now I'm settled in, a cottage out on Galway Bay 
All around I feel the buzz of life: cattle grazing in the December rain. 
But rains can't wash away: 
They can poison this whole world 

'Cause when I look around, I see them everywhere: 
Movies, magazines, TV 
Oval Office, Corporate Suite, and the Pentagon: 
This Mass Culture Trinity 
The messiahs of : 
The media profits from: 

Though now I have found this living place, 
My heart still bears a residue 
Of the values of my homeland's race 
I wonder can I start anew, ‘cause I grew up with: 
How long will they haunt me? 

But I take comfort in the fall of Rome; 
I believe this age of darkness must end too. 
When the affluent but unfulfilled, 
Give-up on greed that's been our ruin, 
When we turn our backs on: 
When the world stops buying: 
When we all tune out on: